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IIB is a
dynamic Industrial Batteries producer, leading the industrial batteries market in Israel since its incorporation in 1992.

IIB is a 100% privately owned company. 

Backed technologically by Enersys
Emea & Systems Sunlight SA, IIB is the market leader in traction batteries with CSM technology (cooper starched metal), supplying batteries to all OEM truck dealers and importers, such as Still, BT, Toyota, Linde etc. IIB batteries are used in all major logistic centers in Israel.

Amongst our clients one can also find owners of large truck fleets – All major supermarket chains, IKEA, and so on.


In the rail field, IIB is an authorized supplier to Israeli rail, Simense rail & Bombardier.

IIB holds the lion share of the Israeli market for stationary batteries, especially in the telecom sector. Its line of products includes special and innovative Aerospace & defense batteries products supplied by Enersys & Sunlight .

IIB produces flooded stationary batteries. In VRLA stationary batteries an in-country content is applied. AGM batteries are cooperation with EnerSys and East Penn Manufacturing. With the support of top of the line products, IIB is the main supplier of Bezeq (Israel national telecommunication company), Orange (PHI), Hot Mobile, Motorola etc.

Since 2004 IIB entered into the solar power station for telecom applications & installed two large projects in Africa offering a complete solution. Our products are used in their telecom equipment for domestic as well as international projects.


IIB is executing complete Solar power stations for telecom application & we are involved in projects throughout Africa.

In 2011 IIB started producing a special line of batteries for Enersys as subcontractor, the OGi blocks and cells.

The company built a new plant fully automatic for manufacturing of flooded stationary batteries for export markets in Europe & the USA.


I.I.B holds an ISO 9001 2015 certificate since its inception and adheres to the highest international standards of quality in its products and services.

For the past two years IIB started introducing Li Ion batteries for traction & stationary application.

IIB is Saft batteries dealer in Israel.

Israeli Industrial Batteries | Nahariya | Phone: +972-4-9807766


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